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2021 Vendor Features: Seashore Smoothies

Herb Hess looked to the future and thought about his daughter Eva. How would he continue to  maintain a strong bond with a teenage girl? Eva was interested in health and nutrition, while Herb had a career in data analytics. Seeking common ground, the father and daughter came up with a plan to launch a smoothie business. With a family home down the shore, the duo thought they’d be selling at farmers’ markets on weekends and thus named the business Seashore Smoothies. That’s not exactly how it all worked out.

Seashore Smoothies launched in February 2016, when Eva was 14. The first farmers’ market was an indoors event held at the Union League in Philadelphia. Many smoothies were prepared in advance, but ambition and production far outpaced demand, and reality intruded. This was work! Time to regroup.

Born and raised in Haddonfield, Herb felt the Haddonfield Farmers’ Market was closer to home and a good venue to explore, so he and Eva met with Market Director Ralph Ciallella. They were excited, even as Ralph made it clear the market was held every Saturday, rain or shine, and that consistency was critical. Vendors need to show up, and put their best foot forward, which is exactly what Seashore Smoothies did.  

Eva experimented and developed the brand’s two signature flavors, Straw Bango (strawberry, banana & mango) and Lime Sweetness (lime, spinach, pineapple, banana & orange), remaining active with Seashore Smoothies at the Farmers’ Market for two years. By the third season the student athlete shifted her focus to crew, and while the business was profitable, she is no longer actively involved. 

Herb is the heart and soul of Seashore Smoothies, which remains a labor of love. He sees it as a way to help young people, introducing them to how to run a business, why customer service matters, and what it means to be a part of the community. Herb mentors young adults who work with him on Saturdays to keep Seashore Smoothies a vibrant part of the Haddonfield Farmers’ Market. Today you will find 15-year old Jonathan McLaughlin along with 13-year old Lola Kearney working the stand. Jonathan, a Boy Scout with plans to become an Eagle Scout, attends Haddonfield Memorial High School. Outgoing and friendly Lola, a student athlete involved in swimming, will attend Haddonfield Memorial High School this fall. Lola’s smile and positive attitude makes people smile.     

Seashore Smoothies sources much of the produce involved in making the delicious treats directly from the Market – spinach, peaches and berries in particular are all local because Herb wants the smoothies to be Jersey Fresh. Making a good smoothie is work – you will find no syrup from a box or powdery mixes in a Seashore Smoothie, only fresh local produce and thoughtfully sourced non-native tropical fruits. These wholesome ingredients are mixed to perfection using a Ninja blender or Herb’s latest addition, a Vitamix blender – either way, the result is silky smooth, refreshing, healthy and delicious. 

When asked what he loves best about the Haddonfield Farmers’ Market, Herb delights in friends and family. For him, it’s all about friendship, and it makes him feel good to see old friends, make new ones, and watch families enjoy happiness in a glass. The market is about family, and he looks forward to helping other vendors because they all care about each other. That’s one reason why Seashore Smoothies has expanded their menu to include hot dogs and Whispering Orchard sausages, along with locally sourced Get Pickled relishes and pickles. Seashore Smoothies now offers smoothies in two sizes, small & large, so little ones can enjoy just the right amount of goodness. Follow @seashoresmoothies on Facebook! Learn more at https://seashoresmoothies.wixsite.com/smooth

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