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2021 Vendor Features: Sabor Puebla

In Spanish, Sabor means taste and flavor, while Puebla, a Mexican state, also means place.

Alfredo Lucia and Atenco Jimenez established their special place for flavor by launching a family business in November 2019, but their culinary roots go back to Mexico. Alfredo, better known as Freddie, has parents and grandparents in Mexico who support their families by selling tacos; with the establishment of Sabor Puebla he is the third generation in the business, bringing many of the same traditional recipes to the United States. His parents are very proud of this accomplishment and so pleased that Americans love their tacos and other signature dishes.

Having been a partner with a friend who had a restaurant in Pennsylvania, Freddie was no stranger to the farmers’ market circuit. Since 2018 they’d attended several markets on a regular basis including Palmyra and Westmont, both of which ceased operations during the pandemic. With the market closures Alfredo parted ways with his Philly restaurant connection and decided to open Sabor Puebla Taqueria & Cafe in Camden. It is truly a family business where you will find Freddie, his wife Atenco, various cousins and other family members hard at work creating authentic and fabulous food.

Whether at the Market or at Sabor Puebla, the best-selling item is a classic Mexican dish known as Arabian Tacos or tacos el pastor, which originated in the beautiful city of Puebla. Mexico has a large Middle Eastern community and the traditions, flavors and culinary culture have become a part of the cuisine. The “El Trompo” grilling technique for cooking meats on a vertical charcoal grill was brought from the Middle East, and is integral to cooking the popular tacos el pastor, an authentic and delicious fast food. Should you choose to dine at Sabor Puebla, there’s one treat you won’t find on the menu – veggie tacos! Sabor Puebla’s popular veggie tacos are available only at the Haddonfield Farmers’ Market, which is just one reason to bring an appetite when you shop on Saturdays.   

Since not everyone will make their way to Camden, the Haddonfield Farmers’ Market is especially important to Sabor Puebla. It is a great opportunity to promote the business and reach more people, many of whom love the food so much they patronize the restaurant by dining in or ordering take-out. From a quinceañera to a company picnic, Sabor Puebla is also available to cater your special event. 

Freddie enjoys doing the Haddonfield Farmers’ Market because of the people, and the produce! It feels like a family, with friendly customers, pleasant conversations and a relaxed environment. He looks forward to being at the Market every week, and makes a special effort to support fellow produce vendors such as Sorbello Girls Farm Market, by purchasing farm fresh ingredients whenever possible. Follow Sabor Puebla on Facebook! Order take-out or dine in at Sabor Puebla Taqueria & Cafe, 1715 Mount Ephraim Avenue, Camden NJ 08104. See the menu and learn more at Sabor Puebla

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