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2021 Vendor Features: Breathe by Josie

Meet Josie – artist, yogi, healer, and budding herbalist.

The inspiration for Breathe by Josie began in Key West, where Josie was attending her brother’s wedding. While strolling the promenade she discovered a crafter’s market and fell in love with the women’s jewelry, marveling that it was all made by hand. Once back in New Jersey, she checked out a bead show and began to make her own jewelry, putting her heart and soul into each handcrafted piece.

Working from her home in Magnolia, Josie established Breathe by Josie in September 2001, shortly after 9/11. Today she offers handcrafted jewelry and accessories, incorporating genuine crystals and gemstones infused with the healing energy of Reiki. Josie now sources natural crystals, grows herbs in her garden, and forages locally to create sage sticks, smudge sprays organic elderberry syrup, natural fabric refresher spray, and natural bug spray.

The business has evolved over time, as people began to shop locally, burn sage, use more essential oils, and look to artisan-made goods and the unique story behind each purchase. For many years Josie sold her wares at Fall festivals, craft shows, Christmas markets and high school shows. That all changed with the Covid-19 pandemic, which for Josie was a blessing, as it opened a whole new world to sell products and connect with people. The venue: farmers’ markets!

What does Josie like best about the Haddonfield Farmers’ Market? She can’t decide – is it the great vibe, the camaraderie of the market, the fact that people come out every week to support local small businesses, the positive energy, the mellow environment – check all of the above, and check out Breathe by Josie for inspired jewelry and accessories infused with spirit and soul.

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